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FAQ on Vivix SHAKLEE (Sangat Menarik!)


Q.  What is Vivix™?

A. Vivix is a patent-pending, powerful, and exclusive polyphenol blend with ingredients shown in laboratory research to positively impact four key mechanisms of cellular aging, including helping to protect and repair DNA damage, positively influencing genetic regulators of cellular longevity, promoting mitochondrial energy production, and slowing formation of AGE proteins.*

Q. Who can benefit from Vivix?

A. Any adult concerned with cellular aging and optimal well-being.* Vivix is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women, or anyone younger than 18 years old.

Q. What is resveratrol?

A. A natural compound found in some plants, fruits, seeds, grapes, and grape-derived products such as red wine. Resveratrol has polyphenolic and antioxidant activities that have been found to potentially improve health and well-being in laboratory studies from around the globe. In addition, emerging laboratory research has found that resveratrol fights cellular aging. These studies also found that resveratrol activates genetic regulators of cellular longevity pathways, which may have positive effects on DNA, cellular health, and metabolism.* 

Q. How much resveratrol does Vivix provide? 

A. Vivix delivers 100 mg of resveratrol per serving. The resveratrol extract has a natural resveratrol content of 98% and the amount of resveratrol in Vivix is guided by the latest scientific studies and emerging research. Vivix goes beyond resveratrol by combining it with a patent-pending blend of additional polyphenolsmade from the only grape in nature with an extra chromosome. Laboratory studies have found that this unique combination is able to positively impact the four key mechanisms of cellular aging and is 10 times more effective than resveratrol alone in slowing AGE protein formation.*

Q. What are polyphenols?

A. Polyphenols are a group of phytochemicals that are plant-derived compounds with both potential antioxidant and cellular anti-aging benefits. In fact, emerging research has reported that polyphenols may elicit multiple biological effects consistent with sustained and improved human health.* 

Q. Is Vivix an antioxidant product?

A. Vivix has polyphenol ingredients that have been shown in laboratory studies to positively impact the four key mechanisms of cellular aging and therefore goes well beyond providing antioxidant support.*

Q. Is Vivix a juice beverage and how does it compare to juice products being sold today?

ANo, Vivix is an exclusive, concentrated liquid tonic dietary supplement that delivers the purest form of resveratrol and a highly potent polyphenol extract created from the only grape in nature with an extra chromosome. This unique blend of polyphenols includes ingredients that have been shown in laboratory studies to fight key mechanisms of cellular aging.* Each serving of Vivix delivers the equivalent amount of resveratrol found in 100 glasses of red wine. 

Q. When should I take Vivix?

A. Take Vivix daily, preferably with a meal such as breakfast or lunch. Shake well before taking the recommended serving of one teaspoon per day.

Q. Can I take more than one teaspoon per day? 
A. According to the latest research, there does not appear to be any added benefit from taking more than the recommended serving of one teaspoon per day. 

Q. Can I use Vivix with my other Shaklee supplements?

AVivix can be taken with all Shaklee dietary supplements.Ideally,Vivix should be taken with Vitalizer™, NutriFeron®, and Cinch™ Shakes as an excellent daily complement to healthy lifestyle choices. The essential nutrients in Vitalizer, immune-system-supporting phytonutrients in Nutriferon, and muscle-mass-protecting protein in Cinch Shakes, together with the polyphenols in Vivix deliver broad spectrum anti-aging support to your wellness plan for a healthier life.* 

Q. Does Vivix contain alcohol? 

A.  Vivix does not contain alcohol. 

Q. What is the shelf life of Vivix?
A. The shelf life is nine months.  

Q.  Why do I need to refrigerate after opening? 

A. Refrigeration after opening will help to maintain optimal freshness, color, and maximum polyphenol activity in the product. Refrigerate unopened bottles as well.

Q. Why isn’t the product shipped under refrigeration?

A.  Extensive testing, including actual shipments throughout the country and simulated transportation under extreme temperature and humidity conditions, has confirmed that the highest quality product is maintained under all shipping conditions to which the product will be exposed.
Sangat menarik fakta VIVIX ni kan...?

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  • Penyakit kronik/kesihatan menyeluruh : Vivix
  • Sedang hamil : set 3M + Omega tanpa ALFALFA
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  • Nak Berpantang :    Set 3M + Zink
  • Nak Menyusu :    Set 3M
  • Nak Kurus :    Set 3M + Omega (Bonus ni)
  • Nak Kurus (2): Lecithin, Omega, Cinch, Alfalfa, Herblax 
  • Nak Cantik :    Set 3M sahaja or ADD On Vita E 
  • Nak baik dari Sakit2 Sendi/Lutut/Badan :    Set 3M + AJHT

  • Nak baik dari Sakit2 Sendi/Lutut/Badan (2) :    Osteomatrix, AJHT, Omega

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